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Cá - Estúdios Soares

At Cá - Estúdios Soares, visitors can explore a wide range of creative works, including character design in both 2D and 3D, music production, animation, visual arts, and short films. The virtual studio provides a glimpse into the artist's creative process, allowing viewers to see the evolution of their work from conception to completion. Soares also uses the studio to share insights into their inspiration, techniques, and artistic philosophy.

The character design is particularly noteworthy, with a vast array of engaging and well-crafted characters in both 2D and 3D. Soares's attention to detail and ability to imbue each character with a unique personality and backstory make them stand out from the crowd.

The music production is equally impressive, with a range of styles and genres on display. Whether creating ambient soundscapes or upbeat electronic tracks, Soares demonstrates a keen ear for melody and rhythm.

The animation showcases Soares's skill at bringing characters to life through movement and gesture. From simple looped animations to more complex and narrative-driven pieces, each animation is a testament to Soares's dedication to their craft.

While character design, music production, and animation are the primary focus of Cá - Estúdios Soares, the studio also showcases a selection of visual arts and short films. From abstract paintings to thought-provoking experimental films, each piece is a testament to Soares's versatility and artistic vision.


Cá - Estúdios Soares is a platform for creative expression and experimentation. The artist uses the studio to collaborate with other creatives, share their knowledge and skills with aspiring artists, and engage with their audience. Overall, Cá - Estúdios Soares is a vibrant and dynamic virtual space that celebrates art and creativity.


Support Young Artists with the CAES STUDIO Scholarship

CAES STUDIO is dedicated to shaping the future of the arts by supporting talented young artists. By making a donation, you directly contribute to our Scholarship initiative, providing educational opportunities and financial support to emerging artists. We believe that each contribution is a seed planted in the growth of creativity and the promotion of diversity in the artistic world.

Benefits of Your Donation:

  • Life Transformation: Your donation enables young artists to fulfill their dreams and develop their talents.

  • Access to Art Education: The CAES STUDIO Scholarship opens doors to educational programs, art materials, and mentorship.

  • Community Enrichment: Contribute to the flourishing of the local art scene, promoting diversity and innovation.

Be part of this journey and make your donation now. By supporting the CAES STUDIO Scholarship, you are investing in the future of art and building a more vibrant and creative community. Together, we can inspire and empower the next generation of artistic talents.
Create; Celebrate; Conquer.

Please note that the minimum donation amount is R$5.00

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