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Exploring the Sonic Realm with Sinty Trippy: An Exclusive Interview

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Sapir Ashkenazy


We're thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Sapir Ashkenazy, the creative force behind the mesmerizing persona "Sinty Trippy." As a prominent figure in Israel's electronic music scene, Sinty Trippy's unique energy and immersive productions have captured our attention. Known not only for her captivating music but also her incredible productivity, she's a true powerhouse in the industry. Join us as we delve into Sapir's musical journey, creative process, and the profound connection between music and emotion.

Q1: How did you discover your passion for electronic music and what led you to become a professional DJ under the alias "Sinty Trippy"?

Sapir: My journey started at 17 with a love for electronic music, sparked by artists like the xx. I found my path through personal experiences and a deep connection to the music. "Sinty Trippy" emerged as a representation of my unique perception of life and my desire to create soul-stirring synth-based soundscapes.

Q2: Your music is known for igniting the dance floor and taking people on an immersive musical journey. How would you describe your unique approach to creating and playing tracks and live sets?

Sapir: It's all about feeling the music, becoming one with it. My approach involves merging with the music, allowing others to join me on this journey of self-expression and connection. It's not about overthinking; it's about embracing the emotions and letting the music guide us.

Q3: Techno is a genre that attracts many electronic music enthusiasts, and we know you flirt with this style in some of your productions. How do you incorporate techno elements into your music and sets, and what draws you to this particular genre?

Sapir: A profound spiritual awakening drew me to techno, especially artists like Trentemoller. This genre became a form of meditation and healing. While "Sinty Trippy" has its unique vibe, incorporating techno elements infuses a new layer of energy and depth into my productions and sets.

Q4: In addition to producing captivating electronic music, you are also known for creating incredible sets that maintain high energy from start to finish. Could you tell us a bit about your creative process when selecting tracks for a new set?

Sapir: Creating a set is like embarking on an emotional journey. I collect tracks that resonate with my current feelings, ensuring authenticity in every beat. Each track speaks to a different facet of my emotions, allowing me to share a piece of my inner world with the audience.

Sinty Trippy Logo

Q5: We understand that you have performed live shows in various venues. What has been the most memorable experience you've had as a DJ so far? Any specific moment or performance that left a lasting impact on you?

Sapir: The first time stands out, facing the immense speakers, realizing the power of my influence. Overcoming the fear of making mistakes and embracing the freedom to create and have fun was a pivotal moment. Every performance adds to my journey, but that first step was transformative.

Q6: How do you view the electronic music scene in Israel and how has it influenced your work as an artist? Is there any unique characteristic you believe the Israeli scene brings to the world of electronic music?

Sapir: While I was enthusiastic about Israeli festivals and parties in the past, my recent experiences have been disappointing. Still, I've found inspiration in unexpected places, like the dynamic performance of HOVB. The Israeli scene has its charm, but it's constantly evolving, just like my music.

Q7: Music has the power to connect people from different backgrounds and cultures. How do you use your music to convey messages or create meaningful experiences for your audience?

Sapir: I channel my emotions and experiences into my music, aiming for authenticity. By sharing my truth, I hope to resonate with others on a deeper level. Music becomes a bridge, allowing people to connect, heal, and journey together through the emotions I weave into my sets.


Sapir Ashkenazy, known as "Sinty Trippy," brings an enthralling fusion of authenticity and emotion to the electronic music landscape. With a unique blend of synths and techno vibes, she crafts powerful live sets that speak to the soul. Her musical journey, creative approach, and passion for meaningful connections exemplify the magic of the electronic music scene. Stay tuned for more from this remarkable artist as she continues to evolve and innovate.

Sapir Ashkenazy (Sinty Trippy)

For a taste of Sinty Trippy's sonic journey, check out her electrifying sets.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3 (our fave one):

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