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Journey of sub art: An Interview with Marlon Bisquera

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Marlon Bisquera


Today, we are thrilled to have Marlon Bisquera, the founder of the YouTube channel "sub art," join us for an insightful interview. sub art is a platform that promotes and supports talented artists, particularly in the Lo-Fi House genre. Let's dive into Marlon's journey of music production, the birth of sub art, its impact on artists, memorable milestones, and the challenges faced along the way.

Q1: Can you share with us how you initially got started with your own songs and what led you to create your own channel, sub art?

Marlon: My journey into music production began during my early teenage years when I discovered electronic music through late-night radio shows. After experimenting with the FL Studio mobile app, I delved into the desktop version and watched countless YouTube tutorials to learn the ropes. Initially inspired by Swedish House Mafia and Spinnin' Records, my music production journey took various turns over the years.

About seven years ago, I was introduced to Lo-Fi House, a genre that captivated me with artists like QUASAR, Subjoi, and Mall Grab. My interest in Lo-Fi House grew, and eventually, I released two of my own tracks, "Aude Ri" and "Eileen", on SoundCloud and YouTube.

As an aspiring artist, I faced challenges in getting my music noticed by established channels and labels. Feeling frustrated, I decided to create my own channel, "sub art," where I could freely share my music and give other artists a platform they deserve.

Q2: What motivated you to share other artists' songs on your channel, especially those who may not have many views?

Marlon: The motivation to share other artists' songs on sub art stemmed from my own experiences. I knew the struggle of being an aspiring artist seeking exposure and recognition. With sub art, I wanted to offer a platform where talented artists, especially those with fewer views, could showcase their work to a wider audience. Although the channel was initially small, it was a step towards supporting the music community and helping artists grow.

Q3: Could you tell us more about the impact you have seen on artists whose music you have shared? How does it feel to play a part in their growth and recognition?

Marlon: The impact of sub art on artists has been generally positive. Many artists expressed gratitude for the feature, and some have even become friends I maintain good contact with. Knowing that I played a role in their growth and recognition is immensely satisfying. As a platform that promotes bedroom producers and underground artists, sub art has created a supportive community where everyone's grind is acknowledged and celebrated.

Sub Art's Logo

Q4: As you mentioned starting your channel five years ago, what have been some of the most memorable moments or milestones in your journey so far?

Marlon: Over the past five years, sub art has achieved several milestones on YouTube. Reaching 10k subscribers and videos hitting 10k, 100k, and even millions of views have been gratifying moments. However, I always remind myself that the primary objective of the channel is to promote artists and support the music community. Collaborating with DJs, both from the Lo-Fi community and beyond, has been particularly enjoyable and enriching.

Q5: How do you discover new artists and select the songs you share on sub art? Are there any specific criteria or genres you focus on?

Marlon: Discovering new artists is primarily done on SoundCloud, where I explore the search bar, feed, and reposts. While sub art mainly focuses on Lo-Fi House, I occasionally stray away from the genre if a song piques my curiosity and resonates emotionally. The channel tends to feature songs with a heavy use of pads and those that evoke specific emotions, regardless of the season. Nevertheless, as long as the music makes people dance, it remains a welcomed addition to sub art.

Q6: Have you faced any challenges or obstacles along the way? How did you overcome them, and what advice would you give to aspiring music promoters?

Marlon: The channel endured periods of minimal engagement, which could be demotivating. However, I stayed patient and continued working on the channel's growth. It eventually paid off as views and subscribers began to rise unexpectedly.

Dealing with YouTube's policies and the fear of copyright strikes posed additional challenges. To overcome them, I remained vigilant and took precautions to ensure the channel's safety. My advice to aspiring music promoters is to stay patient, keep exploring new music, and get creative with your content. Collaborate with others, attend events, and learn from other successful channels. Quality content and dedication will go a long way.


Marlon Bisquera's journey with sub art showcases the power of passion, dedication, and community support in the world of music promotion. As a platform that gives voice to lesser-known artists, sub art continues to grow and flourish, leaving a positive impact on the Lo-Fi House genre. We look forward to witnessing sub art's continued success and the discovery of many more talented artists under its banner.

Marlon Bisquera, Sub Art's Founder

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